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Course Objective - Sylabus

MUSIC Course Objectives

General Music is a creative class designed to introduce students to ways of creating and appreciating music.  Students will develop the ability to perform, create and listen to music with understanding.  A collection of methods and tools will be used to create a rich musical experience.  Students will gain an understanding of music through the sequenced development of concepts based on the elements of music: rhythm, melody, harmony, timbre, form, expression, history, style, composition and performance.

ART Course Objectives

General Art is an exploratory class designed to introduce students to ways of creating visual art.  Students will develop basic drawing, painting, and construction skills while looking at, discussing, and creating art.  Emphasis will be placeed on identifying and applying the elements and principles of design (color, shape, value, form, line, space, texture).  Students will also gain knowledge of cultural and ethnic traditions that influence art.  


GRADING PROCEDURES:  Grading will include participation, performance, the ability to follow directions, the ability to apply the elements and principles of Music/Art and cooperation.