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Music/Art Procedures

My #1 Rule is:

We will not laugh at or make fun of our friends singing or artwork. 

We will praise their abilities and their effort for doing the best job possible.

We are all different and at different levels and we all have different perspectives.

Your artwork and your voice should NOT be the same as your friends!

We will cheer each other to success!Owls on a branch


Early Childhood & Elementary Music/Art Procedures

*  Students will enter the building and music/art room quietly

*  Students wil be seated in the assigned seat

*  Students will wait for all students to enter the room and listen for instructions

*Students will clean up their areas before leaving the room.

*  When leaving the music/art room students will line-up quietly and listen for instructions







   1)  Warning    2)  Grade lowered and miss recess / free time    3)  Parents and Mr. Read notified




1)  No gum, candy, food, or drink is allowed in the music/art room without Mrs. Lee’s  permission.

(Bottled water is allowed as long as student’s pick up after themselves!)

2.  No talking when the teacher is teaching.

3.  Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

4.  If you are not early, you are late.

5.  When in doubt, DON’T.

6)  If it is not yours, leave it alone.

7.  Leave the room in a neat and orderly condition.

(Return items to their proper place.  Be responsible with school and personal equipment.)

8.  Respect other students, faculty and our school.

9.  Use appropriate language.

10.  Always be prepared.  

(Bring what you need to class.  Anything can and will happen.)

11.  Always do your best.

12.  We are and always will be a first-class school.




1)  Warning    2) moved & lunch detention    3)  Parents and Mr. Read notified