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Middleberg 5th- 8th Basketball Schedule 2021-2022


Thurs., Sept 30th               Ampo (Red, White)                        5-6 Grade                            Home                   4:00

M-F Oct 4th-8th                   *Verden Tournament(Red)          5-6 Grade                            Away                     TBD

Mon., Oct 11th                    Friend (Red, White)                      5-6 Grade                            Home                   4:00

Tues., Oct 12th                    Pioneer (Red, White)                      5-6 Grade                            Away                     4:00

*Mon., Oct 18th                       Terra Verde (Red)                            5-6 Grade                            Away                     4:30

Tues., Oct 19th                   Alex (Red, White)                             5-6 Grade                            Away                     4:00

Thurs., Oct 21st                Lexington (Red)                                5-6 Grade                            Home                   4:30

*Sat., Oct 23rd                    Ampo (Scrimmage Festival)         7-8 Grade                            Away                     TBD

M-F Oct 25th-29th           *Ampo Tournament (Red)           5-6 Grade                            Away                     TBD

M-F Nov 1-5th                   *Whitebead Tournament             7-8 Grade                            Away                     TBD

Mon., Nov 8th                     Maple                                                   7-8 Grade                            Away                     4:00

Tue., Nov 9th                      Whitebead (Red, White)              5-8 Grade                            Home                   4:00

Thurs., Nov 11th                Robin Hill (Red, White)                 5-8 Grade                            Home                   4:00

Fri., Nov 12th                       Pioneer (Red, White)                     5-6 Grade                            Home                   4:00

M-F Nov 15th-Nov 19th *     Middleberg Tournament (Red)  5-6 Grade                            Home                   TBD

M-F Nov 29th- Dec 4th        *Friend Tournament                      7-8 Grade                            Away                     TBD

Tues., Dec 7th                     Banner                                                 5-6 grade                             Home                   4:00

Thurs., Dec 9th                   Bray-Doyle (Red)                              5-6 grade                             Away                     4:30

Thurs., Dec 17th                 Riverside (El Reno)                          7-8 grade                             Home                   5:00       

Tues., Jan 4th                                                                                      7-8 grade                             Home                   4:00

Thurs., Jan 6th                    Robin Hill                                             7-8 Grade                            Away                     5:00

Mon., Jan 10th                    Riverside (El Reno)                          7-8 grade                             Away                     5:00

Tues., Jan 11th                    Pioneer                                                7-8 Grade                            Away                     4:00

Thurs., Jan 13th                  Whitebead (JV)                                 7-8 Grade                            Away                     4:00

M-F Jan 18-22nd                      *Middleberg Tournament            7-8 Grade                            Home                   TBD

Mon., Jan 24th                    Banner                                                 7-8 Grade                            Away                     TBD

Tues., Jan 25th                   Pioneer                                                7-8 Grade                            Home                   4:00

**Thurs., Jan 27th            Terra Verde                                       7-8 Grade                            Home                   6:00

Feb., 1st-5th                          ORES Area                                          7-8 Grade                            Away                     TBD

Feb., 10th-12th                    ORES State                                         7-8 Grade                            Away                     TBD


*Monday, Oct 18th @ Terra Verde 7-8 grade boys and girls will scrimmage after 5-6 grade games.         *Saturday, Oct 23rd will be a scrimmage festival for 7-8 boys and girls @ Ampo

** Homecoming Week and Eighth Grade Recognition Night (Jan 24th-Jan 28th)


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